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Focus S cases: when?

Focus S cases: when?

It seems odd that a flagship WP7 phone does not have a single case for it.  I was looking forward to this phone since it has been announced but there is no way I am picking one up until a decent case for it has been released.  When will these cases arrive?

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Re: Focus S cases: when?

You might try to find cases for Samsung Galaxy S 2.

In size and form, they are almost identical.

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Re: Focus S cases: when?

Except that Focus S has a physical camera button, so unfortunately SGSII cases will not work.

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Re: Focus S cases: when?

Does anyone know if a screen protector for the Galaxy S2 would fit on a Focus S ?



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Re: Focus S cases: when?

I've looked at the galaxy S2 and the front sensors are on the opposite side than the Focus S, so a galaxy screen protector would cover the sensors on the focus.  Also, the galaxy has the back speaker on the opposite side than the focus S, so galaxy cases would fit, but the speaker would be covered.

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