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Focus + Microcell = dropped call


Focus + Microcell = dropped call


Hello Ya'all:


I got the Microcell in hopes to solve this - I had no reception in my area, got the Microcell and have 5 bars. But if I am on a call for a pretty long time - I'd say 15 minutes or more, the phone starts heating up, then it switches from the Microcell to the old cell and the call gets dropped. If I warm-boot the phone after that (without power-cycling), it reconnects to the Microcell. What's going on?




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Re: Focus + Microcell = dropped call

I have a MicroCell but never experienced this problem. I did have to contact CS with another issue and disconnected and reconnected my MCell. I just got off the phone with them and they say it will take 90 mins to correct my issue so I'm not sure if it will work yet or not. Perhaps you should contact them to do the same?

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