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Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

Try this ...... spoke with Jeremy in customer support and he sent me this tutorial to follow.  Only thing was I had no tab for "MESSAGE SETTINGS" under the connectivity tab because I debranded my phone.  I found that I could get to the MMS Settings menu another way though.............just try and send a "picture message" before attempting to use the fix  below and  your phone screen will give you the error message about "must set up profile."  Hit the "OK" tab to edit profile and it will bring up the MMS Settings screen with 3 entries needed, just like below........

Press edit or select each one (one at a time) and enter information exactly as shown on this screen shot above for each of the 3 settings.  Then press "SAVE" and you should be done!                    Enjoy!

NOTE*****  You should only need to follow the below tutorial step by step if your phone is AT&T branded still and the original settings somehow got screwed up.  If your phone is debranded then you should only need to do what I said least that is all I had to do, the 3 easy setting changes above and all was fixed!

LINK TO FULL TUTORIAL (Note there is no "Message Settings" under connectivity tab if your 580i has already been debranded!!)


Configure Picture Message (MMS) Settings for the Sony Ericsson W580i <script language="JavaScript"> if (window.print) { document.write(' ' + 'Print It '); } // End --> </script> Print It
SUBJECT: Configure Picture Message (MMS) Settings for the Sony Ericsson W580i
FACT: Sony Ericsson W580i
SYMPTOM: Messaging-MMS

Sony Ericsson W580i Keypad Layout

  1. From the standby screen, press Menu.
  2. Scroll to and select Settings (to select, press the center navigation key).
  3. Using the right navigation key, scroll to the Connectivity tab.
  4. Scroll to and select Message Settings.
  5. Select Menu.
  6. Scroll to MEdia Net, press More.
  7. Select Edit.
  8. Verify the settings below. To make any corrections, press Edit.
  9. After settings have been corrected or verified, press Save.
  10. Proceed as desired:

NOTE: Please contact AT&T Customer Service for wireless customers for available pricing options.

If you are viewing information on devices or services, please note: content reflects instructions for devices and services purchased from AT&T.
Some differences may exist for devices not purchased from AT&T.


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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

miakeru wrote:
     Can anyone that's done this through this method or another confirm that they've been able to get text and picture messaging as well as MEdia Net working and how? I'm interested in debranding my phone but rely on these features and would need them to work (even if some configuration needs to be done) if I'm going to do this.
     Thanks for the help!

     WARNING: What ever you do, be matter what anyone says, not knowing what you are doing (or following the advice "it's easy, just go for it" ) can easily turn your $50.00 to 599.00 phone into a paperweight.  You can mod your phone, for sure, many do... but you can also break it permanently and void the warranty, too.
Originaly Written by FoneJunkie
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

Hi everyone.  I've gotten the MMS and text and MEdiaNet to work on my debranded phone.  Here are the settings you need:

Go to the messaging menu, then down to settings.

For text messages: enter service center no: +13123149810
For picture messages: enter as in above tutorial.
*Important: the Internet configurations received from Sony Ericsson sites listed above are incomplete.  They will get you on the internet (maybe), but they won't work for picture messaging.

Make sure your internet/WAP profile has the following info:
Use Proxy: YES
Proxy Address:
Port Number: 80
Leave Username and Password Blank

Hope this helps!
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

this post was golden for me. thank you not for just posting it, but for everyone else sharing how things worked or didn't. i posted the following at another forum because it solves so many issues for those of us who feel the this product should be fully functional the way sony intended it to be. remember you pay for this phone every time you pay your bill even if you got a discount. it's your phone now not just when the contracts up, plus by then it won't have any key's left Smiley Wink-

I post about once a year. my tech ability is about 4 out of 10. mostly i just read to find solutions. i had a hard time finding anyone with the ATT w580i running SC. from what i've read i had but two choices, unbrand my new phone, or give up on using salling clicker. being a mac user i read over the directions on how to unbrand my phone 1000 time over the last two days. it required me to use windows xp on a pc. i've almost never used a windows machine before. after flip flopping back and forth i decided that these devices (my ibook and my w580i), should be able work the way i need them to. the bottom line is that salling clicker works on the w580i if it's unbranded. i unlocked it first but that doesn't do it. unbranding flashes att's software off your phone replacing it with the original sony's os. java security issues don't pop up. yes there are warrantee issues along with a million warnings. i suggest you read them all. in the end, the phone is yours, fully functional or as a brick. my personal opinion is that it's a better phone without the att software anyway. i got most of my information from the att forums. all i did was free, but here are pay-sites that do it to if your squeamish. i will admit that i had some fear but the end result is a fully working phone and a fully working SC. here's the is the link which includes files along with stories of horror and joy,

link deleted because your here. this solution worked as promised even for a mac guy who was clueless on a pc.
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

hi. if i flash my phone ,will my greek charachter set change ,or will be as before ?

thank you.
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

does anyone have access to W580_R8BA024_FS_THAI_RED52 file? if so, could you please send me the file.
thank you very much!
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

this is probably a stupid question but what is the point of debranding/flashing the phone?
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

The point is absolutely mute if you like the phone the way it is now then don't debrand it !
BUT................if you want to be able to make or use any mp3 song you own or custom themes or games from other venders websites all of which I have found for free, then you will need to debrand the phone.  Otherwise you must pay ATT for all your ringtones and the software will not let you assign any of your mp3's for ringtones.  It also unlocks the button with the ATT symbol that will only allow you to go to MediaNet when pressed, when unlocked it is a tabbed shortcut button for many things including internet and yes if you read all the posts in this forum MediaNet will be able to be set and used properly so that text and picture messaging works flawlessly.
I have litterally made 100's of custom ringtones using my mp3's and a freeware program called Audacity which you can google and find easily.  This program lets you chop the mp3 where you want for any desired length and save a smaller part of the song (like the good chorus part) so that is what plays when set as ringtone.  Also makes your phone operate so much smoother in my opinion. 
Note these are my opinions and I have debranded a couple for friends and they love it just like me so once again my opinion only.  Search YouTube on debranding the 580i and see some of the video turorials and check out all the stuff you can use on your phone from these sites, all FREE!    (30 downloads per day)    (30 downloads per day)
There are more but these 3 sites could keep you busy for months......literally!
Anyways that is my 2 cents,
Big P.S.
YouTube has thousands of awsome music videos for download and if you download it to "Realplayer" on your hard drive then use a program like (my favorite) Freez 3GP Video Converter by then you can convert any video for your 580i.  Just remember to set video to "GOOD" setting "4" not "Best or HIGHEST" setting due to so high quality that video will lag.  Also set audio to 16000 Hrtz and stereo for awesome matching sound quality (Sony Ericsson 580i will only support 16000 hrtz for stereo quality sound on video as it says in manual and I have tried higher quality sound settings and they will not work but 16000 hrtz in stereo is PPUURRFFEECCTT !). 
This player is free to download and use as long as like 24 hours or something like that for free then you need to purchase it for $19.00 but once you see how well this works for full videos on your phone you will be sold.  Only thing I don't like about the company is that they say as soon as you register you will get a code to keep the free version unlocked but once you register you get a message that says no more free versions available for keeping due to high volume of users and they tell you that you must pay to unlock program.  Used it for free for 24 hours and converted about 75 videos that are absolutely SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET !!!!
Also if anyone knows of a completely FREE version 3GP video converter (WITH AS MANY OPTIONS AS THE ONE I HAVE LISTED) please post for others but this Freez 3GP Video Converter by seems to have a lot of options and converts just about any video format you can think of.

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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

I have an at&t branded W580i and have absolutely no problem setting mp3's as ringtones once they are cropped down to a 30 second clip or less.  I've also had no problem obtaining free themes, screensavers, etc. from various websites.  I've added many things to the phone and not one was purchased from at&t. Smiley Happy

Although I haven't debranded mine, imo the larger benefits are not being forced to crop mp3's in order to set them as ringtones, the ability to manually select a network, elimination of the constant network access request for unsigned Java applications, and the use of the MediaNet button for other things than only to access MediaNet.
There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

     - Doug Larson

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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

hi!! i got a quick question. when i download the setool2flashingguide.rar, y is the icon a windows media player and when i open it, opens windows media player and doesnt work thanks in advance.
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

   I tried to follow all the step. However, the Internet Profile have SEMC WAP account already. I made a new account (MEdia Net), and the setting was like below:

Connect Using: SEMC GPRS
Use Proxy: No

I changed the Use Proxy, Proxy address, and Port Number like you did, but to no use. My friend sent me a pic message, and I cannot see it. Keep popping error about "Download Failed. Connection Error. Please check your setting again."

Can you tell me if there's something different I need to do?

  Thank you very much for your help.
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

Did you change your MMS settings to use the new MediaNet connection profile that you created?
You can check your MMS settings against this tutorial - W580i MMS Settings
There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

     - Doug Larson

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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

one note of caution - I debranded my phone using OPs method - worked a charm and I am very happy with the enhanced functionality. I had previously set up Yahoo email on the phone and did not remember (or know) to turn off alerts for new emails before i did this process. Then i ended up getting the "3808 ozmail" alerts on the new phone whenever I would get a new Yahoo email. Some other posts in these forums mention a solution of texting "stop" to another number but that didn't work - had to go into the ATT store, borrow a phone, setup my account again, turn off alerts and then deleting the account. Not a big hassle - in fact the staff were very courteous and helpful - but would have been better had i known this in advance.

Also - don't forget that this process deletes all the contacts on your phone memory - so make sure you have them all backed up in Outlook or copied to the SIM before you start.

Thanks for a great post.
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

Yes, this method worked great. Thanks.
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Re: Flash/Debrand your sony ericsson w580i for FREE

This worked perfectly. Thanks!!! I had to try this a couple times because after I installled the drivers my system needed to reboot before it would recognize the phone properly.
Hope this helps anyone who had any problems.
Thanks again.
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