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Finally fed up with at&t


Finally fed up with at&t

I'm not usually one to post on forums, but this is one instance where I fee like I must.

My grandparents originally signed up with Cingular around 2002; not that they really wanted a cell phone, but as they got older, it seemed like a good idea to carry one in case of emergencies. Indeed that was all it could be used for as they lived in a rural community and had no reliable service near their home until last year. Since that first contract, they have been loyal customers, first with Cingular, then the reconstituted AT&T. However, age has really started to take its toll lately, and they tend to forget things from time to time. In the past year, they have made a couple of mistakes in paying their bill, going past due for $20, and another time for 38 cents. After this most recent time, AT&T suspended their account. Not an out of the ordinary occurrence certainly. However, when they tried to pay their bill over the phone, the customer service reps told them they would have to physically come into the store and pay cash for a period of time before they would be allowed to mail any more payments. Not as easy as it may seem since they are nearly 80 and the nearest AT&T store is 40 miles away. When my grandmother explained this to me, I assumed she must have simply misunderstood. It seems lacking in common sense that a company would treat loyal customers, especially elderly ones, in such a manner. Unfortunately, when I called AT&T on their behalf, explained the circumstances, offered to pay whatever was owed on their account plus any fees that might be assessed, AND provide my bank information for autopay to guarantee this wouldn't happen again, I was rather rudely rebuffed. "No exceptions," the rep told me, "The account holder must come in person to an AT&T store to pay their balance due in cash until such time as their creditworthiness is reestablished." I reminded him that my grandparents lived a significant distance from the nearest store and to insist they make an 80 mile round trip every month just to pay a phone bill seemed unnecessary, particularly when I had offered to sign up for autopay. Assuming this individual lacked the authority to make an exception, I asked to speak to a supervisor. "This is our policy," was the only response I received after speaking with the next individual.

I am sorely disappointed in this company. To have so little regard for customers as people, rather than just account numbers, is a sad commentary on how far the old "Ma Bell" has fallen. I too am an AT&T customer, although that will change when my contract expires. I would cancel it immediately, but I refuse to pay this company one cent more (in termination fees) than I absolutely must. I will never return to AT&T under any circumstances after this episode. Never.

I'm not writing this to convince anyone else to abandon AT&T en masse, and I've tried to present the situation as moderately as possible, agiven how angry I am at this moment. I just wanted anyone who reads this to know how disappointed I am.
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Re: Finally fed up with at&t

You sound way too nice! {Please keep it courteous} They overcharge for EVERYTHING!!! Signing a contract with them is one of the biggest mistakes of my life! I can't wait till my contract is up. Heck I'd rather deal with sprint's non-english speaking customer service reps than deal with being charged for every little thing. I've used all the major carriers now and I must say verizon is the best. Heck even cricket is better than ATT!!! I would recommend verizon and regret leaving them.

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Re: Finally fed up with at&t

Hey fedupnova


I know you're frustrated and this is a tough issue to talk about. I have an aging parent myself and know how challenging it can be to make sure everything is taken care of. 


I'm sorry that you and your grandparents ended up in this situation. The agent you spoke with was correct and there is nothing s/he could have done to reverse it. 


If you're concerned about payments being made on time, perhaps you can look at setting up a family plan with your grandparents where you are the primary account holder. If you'd like to speak to someone about this, please let me know and I'll work with my team to get you in touch with the right person to talk to. 


Again, I am sorry that you have to deal with this issue. Please let me know if you'd like to talk to someone about alternatives. 




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