Feature package auto-refill broken as usual, loss of rollover data with no recourse


Feature package auto-refill broken as usual, loss of rollover data with no recourse

Annoying experience today... yesterday I had 400MB data on my plan, today nothing. There's SUPPOSED to be a 100MB autorenew package set up, but it also managed to disappear. It was there 2 weeks ago when I last checked the account online.


Customer service, when you can find their phone number, not really helpful. No possibility of re-enstating the missing data balance. Finally accepted a $10 credit as better than nothing (about half the value of the lost data).


I know it's only $10-20 but the whole feature refill system seems designed to fail.



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Re: Feature package auto-refill broken as usual, loss of rollover data with no recourse

I'm sorry to hear that - I had the same experience last November after using the auto-renewal for many months without any problem.  You may want to call customer service back and speak to a different rep re: re-instating the data balance that you lost.   Ask for a supervisor if need be - you should not have to just accept the loss of an existing balance (presuming you had funds in your account to make the auto-renewal).  This is a known problem (to at&t) with the feature auto-renewal system.


In my case, they did re-instate almost 1,000 messages. (I had well over $100 in my account at the time the auto-renewal failed, so a lack of funds was not the issue.)  The rep could see that it had "kicked off in the background for some unknown reason, which isn't really uncommon".  The re-instatement however was a one-time "courtesy"; she indicated that they would not be able to do so again, so she reommended that I call each month "close" to auto-renewal to have a customer service rep check to make sure it was still turned on "in the background".  I was told it wasn't something I could tell from looking at my on-line account.  But since the rep couldn't provide a definitive answer as to what would be considered "close" enough to the renewal point to actually allow at&t to stand behind their system if it then failed again, I decided it was easier to just turn off the auto-renewal feature and manually renew the feature package myself each month.



There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

     - Doug Larson

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