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Familymap is useless


Familymap is useless

I live in a small subburb which is about 5mi square. Familymap will only give accuracy down to 7.2mi. I have tried using the service with 3 different phones that support A-GPS and all have a clear line of sight to the sattellites. This is basically useless. I also have a phone that got stolen on Friday and I can track it but obviously I can't locate exactly where it is because 7.2Mi is a big area. AT&T needs to seriously fix this as the service doesn't work as advertised. It is not using A-GPS, at least not on the 3 phones I have tried to use it with that have verifed A-GPS on the handset. Horrible service. I like the idea but in this day and age we should be able to pinpoint exactly where the handset is located.
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