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FamilyMap -- how to turn on GPS on Motorola Karma?


FamilyMap -- how to turn on GPS on Motorola Karma?

I got two new phones for my kids and enabled the FamilyMap feature. My daughter's Samsung a777 works great and I can locate her phone within a few yards.


The problem is with my son's Motorola Karma -- it has GPS built in but it is off (satellite symbol is grey). So it only uses Cell Tower triangulation and that is very inaccurate.


To turn on the GPS on the Karma the Moto website says I have to enable AT&T Navigator. Two problems with that:

(1) the GPS is on only while AT&T Navigator is turned on

(2) Navigator has an additional fee, why pay for that when I am already paying for FamilyMap?


So, is there another way to turn on the Motorola Karma's GPS?


I was hoping that the FamilyMap query to the phone would turn the phone's GPS on while it reported its location back, but that doesn't seem to be happening.


I picked the Motorola Karma because it was listed on the FamilyMap link as one of the phones that have aGPS, but I am disappointed that I am not able to use the feature.


Any suggestions? Is there a firmware update that may fix this?




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