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FamilyMap HELP!


FamilyMap HELP!

My 9 year old daughter's cell phone was stolen and although I've filed a police report, I still want to find the phone and not have to pay an insurance deductible of $100+ to get it replaced.  She is only 9!  It's a BB Torch but I'm so frustrated because the Locater feature is only picking up the phone by about 800+ yards.  That is wayyyyy too big of an area in order for it to be found.  However, if I attempt to locate my phone (an iPhone) or my husband's (a Motorola Atrix), it gives me a location withing a distance of no more than 15 yards.  Why the big difference?  I'm so frustrated!

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Re: FamilyMap HELP!

It all depends on the type of GPS the phone itself is using.


I can understand the frustration, but seeing as how the child is only 9, maybe you could consider giving her a cheaper (disposible?) phone?

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Re: FamilyMap HELP!

I got my 9y old daughter a Pantech Link.  Got it for $30 on the AT&T website under the GoPhone area.  Even though it was meant to be used as prepaid, just slip your postpaid SIM in and it works.  The Pantech link looks just like a BlackBerry and used A-GPS for location.  My experience is that Family Map will locate the Pantech to about 15 yards.

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