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Family plan upgrade query: upgrade transfers versus adding lines


Family plan upgrade query: upgrade transfers versus adding lines


   I upgraded to an iPhone 4S two months ago and it was stolen (I was so very mad...) at a family activity center over the holidays.  My husband is eligible for an upgrade but he wants to save it for the iPhone 5, and my teen is due for an upgrade at the end of the month (not a smartphone)


   As I go into iPhone 4S withdrawals with my salvaged iPhone 3S,  I'm mulling over options.  I can't steal my husband's upgrade if I want to stay married Smiley Happy   We plan to be adding two more lines to our family plan during the summer for our kids entering junior high school (again, not smartphones)   I was told I could transfer an upgrade from my oldest son even if his current line doesn't have a dataplan. 


   Alternatively, can I add a line to the family plan earlier and pay full price for that phone and use the "upgrade" contract feature for me?  My younger kids don't need anything fancy so I think the cost of a basic phone would be less of a hit to the family budget than paying full price for an iPhone 4S replacement.

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