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Family data plan


Family data plan

ATT currently has Family plans for talk and messanging.

When will ATT take the next logical or smart step and add family data plans with roll over data?

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Re: Family data plan

Roll-over data???  You and I both wish, as millions of others!  Not going to happen.  Ever.

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Re: Family data plan

They have a family plan of sorts for data.  "Family Data Unlimited", which can only be used with feature phones (non-smartphones), provides you a $5/month discount per line on unlimited data.  There is no such analog with smartphones, which now require either a 200MB or 2GB data plan per line.


True family data plans will only come with AT&T killing off unlimited data plans completely.  Given their new pricing structure on their smartphone data plans, I don't see them offering such a plan anytime soon.  And I wouldn't count on rollover being a part of that equation.  Data has always been, and continues to be, "use it or lose it".

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Re: Family data plan

You get "rollover" with data on a prepaid account, but there are no family plans on prepaid service.


I too would be surprised to see at&t offer such a thing - although if Verizon were to do so first, then at&t probably would.  lol.

There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

     - Doug Larson

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