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Family Map No Longer iphone compatible?


Family Map No Longer iphone compatible?

I had to sit on my iphone for 2 1/2 hours to learn I could no longer use Familymap after the "update"?  I was bounced around from AT&T to Apple iTunes, to Apple tech support before AT&T admitted to the Failure to Launch.  Is AT&T in a fight with Apple?

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Re: Family Map No Longer iphone compatible?

I too have had a similar problem.  I signed up today for family map and att told me to use itunes to download the program.

#1 when I use the link text to me by att, the message comes back "Your request could not be compelled." 

##2 when I try to find it using the search on itunes nothing comes up. 

I have been searching within ATT and ATT FamilyMap with no success.  What's up?  It states I can use my phone also, is this true.  I have downloaded and purchased other items from itunes so that should not be a problem..



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Re: Family Map No Longer iphone compatible?

See this thread: FamilyMap App Won't Launch


And this thread talks about a FamilyMap app for Android:  Android FamilyMap App


Yet ATT still has this thread stuck to the top of this forum: ATT iPhone Notice


I'm not sure what is going on here, but the lack of information and customer concern is more than frustrating!  I have been eyeing the new Android phones... maybe it's finally time to make the switch.  DroidX


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Re: Family Map does not work in certain areas where it used to work..via triangulation...

I am having similar problems with my Iphone and Family the Dallas area it works with triangulation fine and not in other areas.  E.g...and west of 75 near Bush drops out completely and at other times its has worked. ..It was working a few months back via triangulation (large errors)...I cannot get At&T this problem  There is something is wrong with there system..and it was working a couple of months back.


I keep get explanations from support...via 1-800-331-0500 about how it works.  I know it works..if the phone I am tracking stays out of the "dead zone"...and its amazing because it used to work...

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Re: Family Map No Longer iphone compatible?



i had the same problem you have and i fixed it myself!


this is what you do, go into your at&t account online, if your iphone shows up as the phone in your account, click on "manage features on the middle right side of the screen.  scroll to "smart solutions", and you should see "att family map."  REMOVE family map from your account and set the effective date as today.


wait 5 mins and log back into your account.  go to "manage features", scroll down to "smart solutions", and now it should say "att family map for iphone".  once you see that, add family map back to your account again and set the effective date as today.  after everything is confirmed, go on your iphone, download the latest version of att family map from the app store.  after it's installed, launch family map, hit settings, go to manage family and you should see your family members on there.


the problem we both had was att made an iphone version of family map.  but i had my family on my account since last year and did not know about the new version they made this year.  so when my family kicked out all my members saying "family map is not compatible with this phone" i had to go in and choose the iphone version of the feature for my plan.


now as of today, the family map is working again after not working for the past week.


hopes this helps!



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Re: Family Map No Longer iphone compatible?

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Re: Family Map No Longer iphone compatible?

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