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Failure to connect to internet


Failure to connect to internet

We had a power outage the blew up my wireless router so I got a new one.  Everything works fine (laptops, printer) except the m cell.  It will not connect to the internet.  I have solid power and gps lights, blinking ethernet and computer lights.  5 bars blinks randomly.  I have tried everything.  multiple cables including using the one for the printer that I know works.  I have unregistered and reregistered the m cell with att.


My new router is netgear wndr3400.  help!

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Re: Failure to connect to internet

1. Do you have an Ethernet link? That is, does the switch/router board to which you've connected the Microcell show connectivity?


2. Does your router show your Microcell as having obtained a DHCP lease?


A failure in either of the above would explain a rapidly blinking Ethernet (looks like Saturn) light on the microcell. Until and unless that light goes solid, it won't ever work.


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Re: Failure to connect to internet

I have both connection to the wireless router (via a hard wire connection) and an IP address assigned by the router.)

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Re: Failure to connect to internet

Agree with nsayer, but let me add this:  I had a working MCell for over a year.  A month or so ago I had a power outage at my location.  After the power was restored, everything worked fine except for the MCell.  In my case, I had solid power, GPS, and ethernet lights, but the 3g light (5bars) would blink and nothing I tried, including deregistering and reregistering the MCell helped.  Finally I returned the MCell to the AT&T store and got a warranty replacement, brought it home, set it up, registered it and it came up fine and has been working OK since then (well, except for the delay in call setup with iPhone issue...but that's another story altogether Smiley Tongue ).  So if all else fails, don't overlook the possibility that your MCell got fried in the power outage and may need to be replaced.

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