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Failure to Deliver Promised Address Correction


Failure to Deliver Promised Address Correction

My Mother and I were extremely dissatisfied with our service while ordering multiple new I-Phone 4S on our family plan.


I personally have been waiting for the option to get a new phone with AT&T for over a year and on top of that waiting for this new I-Phone to come out so when I finally could order a new phone a new I-Phone didn't come out the next month while I was bound into a phone contract for another year per your policy.

The I-Phone that my mother ordered on October 7th through AT&T is my ONLY birthday present from my family this year and I have been waiting patiently for its arrival tomorrow.  While placing the order for the phone, AT&T automatically selected my mother's home address for the shipping address of the phone and did not go to a confirmation page, but rather just placed the order for the phone.  When the order confirmation screen came up it showed her address as the ship to address rather than my address IN CHICAGO.  My mother then attempted to cancel the order so she could update the address, but was unable to do so. She then called AT&T and sat on hold for 45minutes and waited to speak with someone about the order.  The representative told her they could annotate the order with the correct address and that the phone would come to Chicago.  She then went to the store to order a phone for my sister in Columbia, SC and for herself so that she would not have the same problem.  
At the store she was told that the order could not be cancelled and the phone would get to Chicago.  This morning when we were finally able to see where the shipment was going, we found out that your representatives had lied to us and the shipping address had not been corrected for the order.  Now the phone is going to be shipped to GA by the end of the day tomorrow.  Had the representatives my mother spoke with actually informed her that the phone wouldn't make it to Chicago, she would have routed one of the other TWO phones she purchased in the store to Chicago and kept the one she ordered for me as her own.  
My mother called AT&T three times this morning and waited on hold twice for 30 minutes and was then hung up on. She tried a third time and successfully spoke with a representative who was unable to in any way and didn't offer any options to get my I-phone delivered on time OR to acknowledge the mistakes the company had made in giving false information to her.  
The options were to have the phone delivered to her house or to have the phone sent back to AT&T and then have another phone shipped out.  Meaning no new I-Phone birthday present for me tomorrow.  Now, this wouldn't be a big deal if we had not been told by an uninformed representative that I would indeed get the phone by Friday and that the shipping information had been updated.  For a week I've been looking forward to getting this birthday present and now my mom feels so obligated to get it to me that she is choosing to overnight - Saturday deliver the phone to me once she gets it on Friday.
That's very nice of her to want to fix the situation; however don't you think this is the kind of customer service you should be providing to us? The desire to please your customer after YOUR representatives spoke wrong.  I would have hoped so, but apparently not.  I am very irritated with AT&T and we have been customers since 1997 as a part of Cingular, 14 years.  Perhaps after this we will pick another provider.  I really thought that I was being loyal to a company that cared about it's customers and was large enough to correctly handle the sale of I-Phones.  I'm not sure how much my mother will have to pay to ship me the phone overnight for a Saturday delivery, but I would hope you plan to take that amount off our bill next month as we did already pay for shipping when we bought the phone online.  I think that is the very least that AT&T can do to resolve this issue and I do expect an apology.  
This whole situation has been very straining on my mother who has been dealing with heart problems this last month.  You wouldn't expect ordering an I-Phone as a birthday present for your daughter to fall on the potential causes of a heart-attack list.
I would also like to point out, that I tried to submit this comment via your support, but can't figure out how to actually send a complaint directly to AT&T, even after searching "submit a complaint." 


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Re: Failure to Deliver Promised Address Correction

I wouldn't entirely put the blame on att. You did order the phone with the incorrect billing address. Yeah it sucks but it's the verified address on your account and they are protecting themselves from various scenarios where you wouldn't get your phone. That would probably cause more problems on their servers as well which already suck during pre order and launches. I personally ordered through the phone since I know I can get the phone shipped to another address besides the billing one. I called before the pre orders went live to find out my options since being shipped around by uncle Sam leaves me no choice. Hopefully you can take this as a learning experience and at least you know you got a phone coming.
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Re: Failure to Deliver Promised Address Correction

thats why i didnt order from ATT, it said that the billing and mailing address had to match. i went to apple.

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Re: Failure to Deliver Promised Address Correction

This was my first phone order. Apple wouldn't play nice with my premier account and wanted to ship to billing as well. I usually do the stores but my toddler probably won't agree with daddy taking him to camp at the store in the morning.
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