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FM radio on Motorola Bravo?


FM radio on Motorola Bravo?

I can find nothing on how to use the FM radio on the Motorola Bravo. All I find in the online manual is that you don't need a radio subscription to use the FM tuner.  So, I go to the tuner and there is no sound.  I tried online chat and the rep there told me I need to use earbuds to get sound, because it acts as an antenna.  Apparently the phone will not take standard plugs from standard earphones because my ipod earbuds don't work.


Has anyone else gotten their FM tuner to work?

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Re: FM radio on Motorola Bravo?

You need regular headphones with a 1/8" miniplug.  My Sony, Bose, and el cheapo earbuds all work with my Bravo (as well as every other Walkman and MP3 player since 1983).


Maybe the iPod headphones are non-standard?

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Re: FM radio on Motorola Bravo?

I have Koss earbuds that fit my ipod but the plug is too big for the Bravo
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