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FAN Discount - Overbilled - Frustrated - iPhone 2.0


FAN Discount - Overbilled - Frustrated - iPhone 2.0

I have been an AT&T customer since 2004. I have signed up for a FAN discount in 2005. Sometime in 2008 or 2009 when we got a iPhone 2.0 on the mainline they stopped discounting the voice plan AND the data plan. They were discounting the additional line for the data plan.


AT&T overcharged me for 3 years and their response to me was you have an old iPhone and we cant discount you for that line. Nothing was said when they stopped discounting the line. It doesnt make any sense to stop the discount on the voice plan as the choice of phone shouldnt affect the discount on the voice plan.


When did AT&T roll out the stop discounting the iPhone 2.0 line?


The best AT&T could do is give me 25$ as I have been a loyal customer.


They have overbilled me atleast 3*12*89.99*.17 = 550$, if not more.

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Re: FAN Discount - Overbilled - Frustrated - iPhone 2.0

When the original iPhone was launched, there were absolutely no discounts allowed on the plan with the iPhone. If you don't still have the original iPhone you can go to to see if your company still offers a discount. If you don't have a work email, you can take proof of employment to any att COR store to see about it being added back on.
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Re: FAN Discount - Overbilled - Frustrated - iPhone 2.0

I feel your pain because I've been with them for the same amount of time and realized just last month they had allowed a 3rd party company to add a monthly $29.99 charge to my account (I had four lines and never enough time to dig through my entire bill - me thinks I be too trusting, hmmm) going as far back as January of 2010 ((Roughly $360.00 a year stolen)), upon investigation of the unauthorized fee I actually ended up finding the previous owner of this business (sold around the same time the mysterious fee showed up), and his take on the situation is that the new owners were using his old codes to defraud customers via AT&T using the text subscription services i.e. ringtones and other trash - he mentioned that he had also heard from other people of the same complaints.


AT&T did nothing to address the issue when I made complaint - an honest company would investigate such an alegation without delay, actually, even a dishonest company would if they were smart!!!


So if we can't say they're honest and we cannot say they're dishonest crooks, well, that just makes them {word filter evasion} in my opinion that is. 


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