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F160 and Predictive Text


F160 and Predictive Text

How do I permanently turn off the T9 or predictive text feature on the F160 cell phone?

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Re: F160 and Predictive Text


Text input options are located to the left of the space key, that's what it says in the first part. Hope this helps to turn of T9 predictive text.


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Re: F160 and Predictive Text

Sorry for the double post, I was new to the forum and didn't find the categories until after I had posted to general. Now for your answer . . .I read the section that you linked to prior to posting. Looking at the keypad layout where do you see the "space key"? In messaging the key to the left of the one used (also "0" key) brings up symbols. On the other hand if I try this when not in texting it will give me an asterisk or star. I can go into Abc mode by using the # key but have to do it EVERY time. So I'm back to square one. 

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