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Extended Audio Jack


Extended Audio Jack

I have a Samsung Infuse 4 G with a hard case & sealed rubber case.

I am looking for an extended audio jack that will work with then Intuit credit card reader by ROAM DATA.

The phone will work with the card reader with all cases off,I need the cases on for the phone protection.

I purchase a extended cord jack from Best Buy,it does work with the ear plugs that came with the phone but does not work with the card reader from Intuit. Help

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Re: Extended Audio Jack

Might need a 4-pin extension.  iPhone A/V extension cables (4-pin 3.5mm) might work.  Not sure.

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Re: Extended Audio Jack

It looks like the plug on the credit card reader has 4 contacts, so you can't use just any adapter. This one on Amazon might work for you.

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Re: Extended Audio Jack

Bad Reviews on this extended jack.

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