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'Experiencing system issues'?


'Experiencing system issues'?

I bought a refill card for my gophone today as my unlimited texting plan has to be charged again tomorrow, but when I try to add the credit through my phone I get 'Sorry, it's taking a while to finish that up. Please check back in 30 min. to see if the PIN was applied.' But it doesn't get applied, and when I try online I get a similar message ''We seem to be experiencing system issues please try again in 10 minutes." I've been trying for an hour or so, is anybody else having problems? Any ideas what could be wrong?

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Re: 'Experiencing system issues'?

As long as you're entering the PIN number correctly, you're not doing anything wrong. There have been problems with the account refill system as of earlier this month, and maybe the issues have not been completely fixed, yet, although it seemed to me like everything was back to how it should be. Hmmm...

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