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Experiencing extended MC outage in NC


Experiencing extended MC outage in NC

I have four MC's at three geographically dispersed locations in Wilmington NC all four have solid green lights (LAN, GPS, etc.), except for the a flashing 3G light (bottom LED) and therefore the MC is not providing service to 3G phones local to it..   All these units have been in generally trouble free service for a period of time ranging from 3-6 months, although, I have noticed that they often go off line late at night (midnight - 5am) in what appears to be a reboot which I assumed was routine maintenance or firmware upgrades being pushed out.


Today's problem started sometime this morning (10/6/10).    I've done all the routine santity checking stuff, reboot all internetworking hardware (router, cable modem, etc), power cycle the MC, even placed one MC in from of the router (priority mode).    No joy.   


Have confirmed similar symptoms from one of our offices in Washington DC, so clearly this is a widespread outage of some sort.


I'm just planning on waiting it out and leaving my iPhone near my window so I can pick up 1 bar of signal off the nearest cell tower.  I can't even stomach the thought of calling ATT support, I have chewed up way too many hours dealing with their completely  inept customer support staff, their closing of unresolved tickets, failure to call back as promised, and general run around until you can work your way up to the engineering group.





Mike Adams

Senior TCP/IP Forensics Engineer

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Re: Experiencing extended MC outage in NC

Augh!!  Microcell has been out all evening.  No surprise.  Just thought I'd post for the heck of it.

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Experiencing extended MC outage in NC

Is anyone else experiencing service outages in Western NC?  For the last two days the Microcell has been up and down.  Power cycling and reactivating don't seem to work this time.    

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Re: Experiencing extended MC outage in NC

I'm down all day here in Winston-Salem.  I've tried the same deactivating and reactivating with no success.

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Re: Experiencing extended MC outage in NC

Still down today in W-S, NC.  Anyone else?

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