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Experiencing Technical difficulties


Experiencing Technical difficulties



I am new at phones text messaging and just about everything.  I purchased a ringtone and a wallpaper.  Recieved the text message loaded the URL and then it took me to a screen that said system error we are expirencing technical difficulties try again later ... that was three days ago.  What do I do?



Thank you

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Re: Experiencing Technical difficulties

I'm sorry that you're having problems downloading ringtones/wallpapers. Have you tried to download it again?


Have you tried restarting the phone?


(I removed your second post about this issue, as it was a duplicate)


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Re: Experiencing Technical difficulties

Yes I have turned the phone on and off multiple times and even purchased the ringtone a second time I still get the same system error we are having techinical difficulties please try again later.  I have a Pantech Links II if that helps.

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Re: Experiencing Technical difficulties

Yes.... I experiencing all kinds of difficulties with the same message being received as noted in the first comment.  I can't access my bookmarks and I can't search to name two problems I'm having.  This has been happening since yesterday morning (1-22-12). 



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