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Exchange calendar sync issues with Android 2.3.6


Exchange calendar sync issues with Android 2.3.6

I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket with Android 2.3.6 on it.
I have set up an exchange account for my company's e-mail account and am syncing my contacts and calendar as well. However I see that not all appointments in my MS Outlook (exchange account) are synced to my phone. Several of the appointments do not appear, even after several days of syncing.  So I installed the Google Outlook Calendar sync app on my PC to see if I could get the appointments that were not showing up on my phone to appear in my Google Calendar and then on my phone. But the Google Outlook calendar sync app does not port these appointments to my Google calendar either. They do not appear on my Google calendar online nor on my phone. How weird. Some of the are recurring appointments, so are just regular appointments with little more than a title and location. How weird. I do need this resolved though as right now it means I cannot rely on my phone calendar to keep me up to date on appointments. I just switched from a Windows 7 phone because I liked some things in Android better, but this makes me reconsider.
I also see that some (I think only recurring) all-day appointments do not show up in the header of a day, but as a day-long appointment going from midnight to midnight. The appointments are set as all-day in Outlook and on the exchange server.
I was also wondering why some appointments that span more than one day (i.e.. Intercontinental flights that) do not appear within the calendar as blocks going from one day to the other (as in Outlook), but only on the top summary. It makes checking when these appointments are coming up quite cumbersome.
I was wondering if anybody knows how to resolve these issues. These are really big problems for me.
Thanks a lot for your help,
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