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Exactly when can I upgrade both plan and phones?


Exactly when can I upgrade both plan and phones?

My contract for an IRU Premier Family Talk plan ends 7/7/12. Can I order a new plan and three new phones on line now for activiation on 7/7?  Or do I have to wait till that date to do it?  If I can delay the start date, how do I do that?


I have not had good luck talking to AT&T sales people via chat or at our local AT&T store. I specifically asked both agents what date my contract ended, and each of them failed to answer-- just told me that I was "eligible for upgrade". Well, I know know that, but between the 20 months for phone upgrade versus the 24 months for plan renewal, I suspect they were just wanting to make a sale that day rather than help me get the best deal.


We'll be switching from feature phones to smart phones, so the order will be a little more complicated than last time.  As it was, I had to wrestle with billing for a couple of months to get it all straightened out and make certain my Premier discount applied.  I had difficulties with several customer service agents before finally reaching one who fixed our issues.


Honestly, if I weren't an AT&T retiree, I'd be researching other companies.  But so far I'm trying to remain loyal.  Any advice on how to get this upgrade accomplished would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Exactly when can I upgrade both plan and phones?

Not sure what answer you are looking for. Your contract ends either after 24 months, or when you upgrade. When you upgrade, your old contact ends and you start a new 24 month contract on that date. If you are upgrade eligible now, you can upgrade now and it will work the same as if you waited the 24 months, or waited more than 24 months. When your contract ends after 24 months, nothing happens. You aren't required to get a new contract. You just go month to month until you change something.
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Re: Exactly when can I upgrade both plan and phones?

Thanks, dwill05-- that does answer most of what I was wondering.  It has never made sense that my eligibility for upgrade comes before contract end time.  I'm one of those who had a great grandfathered plan, but when I had to replace my husband's stolen phone, we ended up with a new contract and I lost most of my discounts. It was a big surprise when we got the bill.


I guess I also pay the $36 upgrade fee whether I do it now or wait until my contract is up.  It was waived the last time I upgraded, but then I waited until my contract was over.

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