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Error Message (Phone LG C360)


Error Message (Phone LG C360)

When I receive a text message that I would like to keep, I usually forward them to my email.  However, some messages give me an error message that the message could not be sent due to Invalid Pdu Content.  What does this mean and how can I save this text message?  Thanks!

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Re: Error Message (Phone LG C360)

Hi! Try sending it as an MMS..or so that's what I've just read. Smiley Wink See if that works. 


Also, you can check this thread. It seems that you can only send 160 characters.





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Re: Error Message (Phone LG C360)

I wondered the exact same thing. I tried sending a text message containing Spanish text characters, and I got the same "Invalid PDU Content" message. I even tried sending the message again twice. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't send.

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