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Entrapped and tricked by AT&T Customer Support


Entrapped and tricked by AT&T Customer Support


On Thursday March 31, 2011 I called AT&T’s customer service department.

I talked to Anthony and told her that I need to transfer two existing AT&T wireless customers to my account.  I told her I was concerned about one of those accounts losing an unlimited data plan feature that AT&T no longer offers.

Anthony assured me that since it is just a transfer of an existing account, she would not lose the feature.

She said she needs to connect me to the transfer department.  She connected me to Ms. DeLeon of AT&T transfer department and stayed on the line.  I explained my concern to Ms. DeLeon, and she assured me that we would keep the features after the transfer.  She explained that the owner of the other lines has to initiate it, and I will have to accept it online.

After initiating the transfer, just before accepting, I called AT&T to make sure everything is correct.  Ms. Brown picked up the phone.  I told her about my concern with losing the feature that I have, she assured me that she is going to re-instate it if lost.  She said she will call me on Friday at 2 pm, to make sure I have the feature, or if not to re-instate it.  I told her of my concern that she might not call me, and she assured me that she is writing a note on the account that the feature has to be re-instated if lost, so anyone who looks at the account will see it.

I transferred the two numbers to my account, and sure enough the unlimited Data plan feature was lost.

On Friday April 1st, I waited for Ms. Brown to call me as promised, but she never did.

I called AT&T, and Renee picked up the phone.  I explained the situation and asked her to re-instate the lost feature.  After a long hold, Renee came back and said it cannot be done.  I said what do you mean, Ms. Brown promised me, that is why I did the change.  She said that she can see the notes that Ms. Brown made on my account that she promised to re-instate the lost feature, but Ms. Brown was wrong and it cannot be done.  So, if I only acted after having been promised by AT&T and having been assured, you must honor the promise.  Sorry it cannot be done.

OK, in that case take me back to where I was yesterday morning; take the two lines back to their own accounts with the features they had.  At this point Renee shocked me by saying, sorry the feature is lost, even if you transfer back.

So I talk to supervisor Daniel W and supervisor Jerry W, {personal info edited} they keep repeating that they can see on my account that Ms. Brown of AT&T promised to re-instate the lost feature, that they understand that I only made the transfer after I was assured that I will not lose the feature, but there is nothing they could do except to admonish the four AT&T representatives who gave me wrong information and promised me things they could not do.

I feel cheated and entrapped by AT&T.  I have a right when I call AT&T and talk to customer service reps to assume they represent AT&T.  I only made changes to my account after I was promised that it will be corrected.  For AT&T to now admit that they made the promise to me, but claim that it was the wrong promise, and they cannot keep the promise.  Also they cannot undo what I did based on that promise is unacceptable, dishonest and probably illegal.






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