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Enlarging Window by tapping.

Enlarging Window by tapping.

I have a new iPhone 3GS. 2 days old. With the latest update. I enlarged my home screen to where 4 icons take up the whole screen. Now it's stuck. It will not return to normal size. I used 3 fingers to tap to enlarge it which I read somewhere and it enlarged greatly. I don't know if this had any thing to do with it becoming hung up. I  need help!




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Re: Enlarging Window by tapping.

Try restarting the phone, then retapping with three fingers.
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Re: Enlarging Window by tapping.

Been there done that. Still no workee! I'm gonna go to the Apple store, I guess? I can't even navigate around cause of the screen size. Ginormous...


Thanks alot Bro,

Phil A.

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Re: Enlarging Window by tapping.

You can find the fix here:


You can use iTunes to turn the zoom accessible feature back off or you can double-tap and drag 3 fingers up and down.


iTunes is the easiest way if you have a computer available.

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