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Employee Discount not applied to bill


Employee Discount not applied to bill

When I went in to get my new phone, I was told I could get an employee discount because I work for a large company that offered the service.  However, when I got my first bill, this discount wasn't applied.  First, should discounts appear on the first bill after signing up?


Second, I went online and saw that you can register for these discounts online.  I put my email in and yes, I am valid for an employee discount, but I can't register for an account on the appropriate website as I have a "consumer account".  It did say to register through My Account though, but I have no idea how to do that...


So, I guess I'm wondering - is it possible to double check whether I do have the discounts applied to the bill (even though its taking awhile to appear on it), and if not, how can register for them without having a premier business phone number to access the page?



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Re: Employee Discount not applied to bill

After you log in, choose My At&T, then Bills & Payments.  It will say "[your company] FAN" and you'll know by that if your discount has been applied. This is just one way, the easiest imo.


It can take a few months for it to be applied and it is not retroed.  We submitted our paperwork at the At&T store and they faxed it in.


You might find the below link helpful:

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Re: Employee Discount not applied to bill

Thanks for the reply,


Yeah - I did that actually to double check whether I was eligible (because my company's FAN number wasn't coming up on My AT&T).  They did send me an email but I couldn't login and/or register on the business center website because  my account is considered a consumer account - and informed me to register through My Account.  I was just curious how to do that though...

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Re: Employee Discount not applied to bill

You can register your account online right here:


You'll be asked to enter your number and then be taken through the registration process. 


Let us know if you run into any problems & welcome to the forums!


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Re: Employee Discount not applied to bill

My account is already set up so I don't think I need to register again.  Its just saying I should apply for my discounts through myAT&T - that's all as I'm not apart of a business plan.  But I did go ot the  store where I opened my account and gave them my work details.  Though, I did have a question - when will I see this online through myAccount?   I know it takes a couple of billing cycles to apply to the bill, but can I determine whether the discount query has been accepted sooner on my account online?



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