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Emily {Personal Information Removed} ATT rep / Defective Iphone 4


Emily {Personal Information Removed} ATT rep / Defective Iphone 4


Here is my story:  On April 1, 2011 I was due for an ‘upgrade’ with ATT.  I ordered my refurb phone on line at (also chatting with a rep who walked me through the process)  I  order the Iphone 4 (reluctantly)  I really wanted the HTP inspire but it was 199.99 I asked if I go to a store would it be cheaper, the online chat rep said no.  So, I proceded to order the Iphone 4 refurb because of the price.

I received the Iphone 4 yesterday 4/2/11 at 3pm (it was delivered to the incorrect home first and my neighbor brought the phone to my home yesterday.)  I went to the ATT store at 3:40pm to have them transfer my contacts. I received my first call at around 6pm 4/2/11.  I could not hear the caller but they could hear me.  So I tested the phone with another call and had the same issue.  I then called ATT, the technical support rep walked me through several steps.  She then told me togo to the store (commerical blv in leominster 01453) to return the phone and they will not charge me a restock fee.  They would switch my phone and that would be it. 

On my 30 minute lunch break from work I went to att in leominster – Kelly the store rep said, we do not take returns if you purchased them on line only if you purchase them through our store.  She then pulled up my account and on the acct the technical rep stated bring to a corporate ATT store - The rep sent me a franchise store not the corporate ATT store, the closest one is worcester ma 30 minutes away.  Kelly contacted ATT corporate and we were transferred to Emily {Personal Information Removed}  Emily was not willing to help at all.  She kept saying “you need to go to apple.  We have a contract with Apple and you need to go to their store in nashua nh”,  I said,” that’s an hour away.”  She said, “no 24 miles not 60!”  With traffic and most all back roads it’s 1 hour.  I said, could I speak with somenoe above you?  Emily said, “no I am the only superviser here.”  (which I found very hard to believe) .  Without my knowledge, Kelly the leominster store rep decided to call the owner of this franchise.  She came back with a plastic loaner samsung ATT phone until I sent my defective one back to ATT.  ATT will credit my account and I then could purchase another phone.  I was still on the phone with Emily{Personal Information Removed}from corporate at this time.  I asked Emily why she didn’t offer this to me, her response was – “you didn’t tell me that’s what you wanted to do.”  I said, Emily, “I am a customer – you are a customer service rep with ATT therefor you should know all of the options available and offere them.”  The response I got from Emily was, ”We wouldn’t credit your account in 15 days anyway”  I said WHAT?  I’ve had it at this point.  I’m sending the defective device back anyway.  At this time, my 30 minute lunch was over 2 hours long.  I asked Emily who her manager was, it took two times of her putting me on hold for minutes at a time for her to finally give me  Rachael{Personal Information Removed}name.  I told Emily I would be sending back the Iphone 4 to ATT and will purchase the HTC Inspire from the franchise store for 99.00 (I was told by the corporate chat rep the stores would not be cheaper – though they are by $100.00).  After I hung the phone up with Emily; Kelly the store rep said, is she sending you a return slip?  I said no, she didn’t offer to do this, she just hung up.  Kelly said, I’m sorry to tell you this but you have to call ATT again to get the return slip sent to you.   


After all this time, I now have to call ATT AGAIN to receive an emailed return address label because Emily {Personal Information Removed} did not offer to send me one.  That’s another 20 minute waisted. 


I am also paying for a plan that I will not be using for aproximately 15 days. I find this extremely unfair.

 I can not tell you how disappointed I am with Emily’s service and not wanting to help the customer.  I told her I want to talk to Rachael regarding canceling my service that I just had to renew for 2 years and go with another plan.  She had an I don’t care response. 


ATT:  I have always liked your customer service up until today.  Emily is not dedicated to ATT what so ever.   I can also tell you I have learned my lesson from this day forward; I will never purchase an Apple product again.  Especially through ATT. 

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Re: Emily {Personal Information Removed} ATT rep / Defective Iphone 4

Did you take the plastic screen cover off your iPhone?

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