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Email for the Blackberry or Q


Email for the Blackberry or Q

I am wondering how I pick up my business email, do I need a computer to route the emails through, I currently have a Verison Trio and when a computer we have in the back goes off line we cannot get emails, and someone has to put the computer back on line before we can get our emails, even though the rest of the company's outlook is up and working. 
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Re: Email for the Blackberry or Q

Currently Xpressmail requires an application called the Desktop Connector to pull your email from your companies exchange server and it pushes the emails to yoru device. When the computer goes down that is running th desktop connector software, you wil not recieve email on your device. Xpressmail has a future release that will be out soon that will eliminate the need for this application and talk direclty to exchange from your device. Unfortunately I do not have an ETA on this.

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