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Email filtering - Help


Email filtering - Help

I have been migrated from a Blackberry to HTC Inspire 4G device. The HTC device is fantastic however I have encountered a problem with email filtering. I was able to filter emails sent to my Blackberry by sender, assign a specific ring tone and highlight for view. The primary benefit to me was a reduction in email notifications; I have significant email traffic, and I want to be notified when VIP emails arrive. Is there a way I can configure my Inspire device to perform a similar function. Are there any options available I can leverage?  


Operating system version: Android 2.2.1


Thank you

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Re: Email filtering - Help

You probably will have to use an application from the Android Market. There was one I had tried awhile back, but it was more involved than what I needed. I believe that it was called "WhoIsIt" and was a paid application. Try searching for that application and see if there are similar applications. and various searches on the market and see if you can find an application that works for you.
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Re: Email filtering - Help

Try setting their [the VIP's] emails as a contact and assigning a ringtone. I'm not sure if it'll work, but it's a thought.

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Re: Email filtering - Help

Ringtones assigned for each contact in default People App on the HTC Inspire will only work as a phone call ringtone. It won't work as notification tones for email. That is why I suggested an application from the Market. There some available that will add the extra functionality.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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