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Email bill PDF

Email bill PDF

I had what I thought was a simple question - Can I get a PDF of my actual bill in an email every month?  I tried asking customer service, but the person on the other end of the chat couldn't seem to comprehend what I was saying, and claimed that my problem was due to a network outage (!).  I know I can get a monthly email notice - that's not what I want - I want the bill.   Today I log into my account and download a pdf and then attach it to an email to my corporate accounting, but it seems like a logical and simple thing to get the actual bill sent every month, just like a paper bill.  Can somebody confirm for sure whether this feautre exists, and if it doesn't, is there a way to request such a feature?

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Re: Email bill PDF

bobert3316 - Only att can answer - send a PM to ATTAlexCM.

But, I would be surprized if it is available. Every single site I know of that does any e-mail notification only sends a notice. Never any specifics. You always have to sign in to get specifics,

Some will send a trigger to your bank to allow a two step auto pay. But, I believe att does not. They will extract payment in one step.
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Re: Email bill PDF

Here goes my vote to the feature, an option to sign in for sending the bill PDF along with notice emails.
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Re: Email bill PDF

hjlee wrote:
Here goes my vote to the feature, an option to sign in for sending the bill PDF along with notice emails.

Email is anything but secure and your bill can contain some sensitive information. By sending you a notification and havening you log into a secure site ensures that you make decisions about what is released and potentially intercepted by third parties that have no business touching your bill.  I know of no reputable company that does this any different.


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