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Elevate 4G refresh rate other questions re tweeking for better performance


Elevate 4G refresh rate other questions re tweeking for better performance

Purchased the Elevate 4G at Best Buy in MIchigan while
travelling out of our home state of Missouri on 9.6.2011 to replace my Sierra
Wireless Sprint 595U aircard used in a Linksys router to share the aircard with
our two HP laptops running Windows 7 and an iPad. Reason fo change was roaming
charges still occur on their aircards. Back to issue, I didn't notice the slow
refresh rate on my Sprint setup, but have noticed it on the ATT Elevate 4G
setup. I've gone over the documentation and think I've setup everything
correctly. All PCs and iPad can connect to network, but at times it is very
slow even when I only have my iPad connected. Single strength is strong and
showing 4G with the bars.

1. Is there something I need to tweek in the software?

2. Is the ATT MiFi (I guess that's what you call it) meant to be
left on all the time or should it be powered down after each use?

3. I've gone into the GPS and turned it on and notice multiple
satellites. What does the GPS have to do with the service? If I turn off the
MiFi, the GPS appears to have to be resetup.

4. Have noticed that the MiFi shows it is connected to 4G with
bars while my iPad or PC show my mi-fi Elevate-79C6, but there is no internet
connection. What do I do in a case like this or how do I avoid something like
this from occurring?

Want to stay with the ATT product as we have an ATT iPhone and a
home DSL dryline. When we travel (RVing), we need something to rely upon. The
Best Buy sales tech was knowledgeable in what was out there and said you were
the best at this time and the new Elevate 4G was getting great reviews. Your
name was the best post I could find on the forums. Should I be contacting
someone else on ths? To have my MiFi checked out if something is wrong
with the hardware who do I take it to, an ATT store or Best Buy. I know with
the IPad I have to take it to an Apple store.

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