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Editing Samsung Today?


Editing Samsung Today?

I like my Epix in general and the only "theme" I can stand is Samsung Today. A link to AT&T Navigator is on the bottom and I can't seem to change it. I click it and at first it worked but the app asked to update it self and when it finished and I went back to the home screen, the link was broken. I had to go to the programs menu to launch the app. I know you're supposed to be able to click and hold on the link and get an options menu but it doesn't work, as soon as I release it tries to launch which doesn't work because the link is broken. Is there a away to either remove that link and replace it with something else or fix the link?
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Re: Editing Samsung Today?

There's an updated Samsung Today theme here, which changes the "AT&T Navigator" to your next calendar appointment.
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