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Earthlink account email


Earthlink account email

My Motorola Atrix G4 has been working fine for 8 months. Suddenly it keeps going on and off. One minute it is dead & it can't send or receive my email.Two hours later it can. My main server for email is Earthlink. I checked with ELN & they said it was an ATT issue. I checked with ATT & only was told to check set up. The set up hasn't changed in 8 months. Only now the phone says it can't be verified and can't connect.I can't even connect to the internet at all via the phone to try to check what might be wrong. The whole shebang says there is no internet connection. Then it goes back up again. But I never know when it will. What am I paying $136 a month for? Nobody can seem to fix this. Any suggested solutions?

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