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Early Upgrade Price Eligibility


Early Upgrade Price Eligibility

According to *639#, it says an upgrade may be available on 02/20/2011. I think it's full discount on that day and after. Now when I tried to pre-order on, system indicates I won't be eligible for early upgrade until November 2010 and charges me $599/$699 price. Is that right? Because I read somewhere that anyone who purchased iPhone 3GS on launch day last year should be eligible for at least early upgrade on launch day this year, if not the full discount price.
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Re: Early Upgrade Price Eligibility

only 3gs customers who have an upgrade date that is this year are eligible. Not everyone with a 3gs has the same upgrade length; it depends on a few things like how much you pay and if you are the primary line on the main number. Apple is saying in november you can get an early upgrade for 200 more or wait until 2/2 like at&t says to get a full upgrade

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Re: Early Upgrade Price Eligibility

They moved up the upgrade eligibility for those who have iPhones AND have an update date ending by 12/32/2010.  The upgrade date varies based on a number of factors (how much your spend monthly, if you change your plan, payment history, etc.) and isn't the same for everyone who bought a GS on launch day.  If your upgrade date is 2/20/2011, you don't meet the criteria.

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