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Dropped calls result of weak phone antenna?


Dropped calls result of weak phone antenna?

My Captivate keeps dropping calls like crazy.  I am in a "medium" strength coverage area as I live in the country.  We've never had fantastic coverage, but AT&T has always been the best of the wireless providers for us.  My husband has an iPhone 3GS and can talk ANYWHERE in our house.  I typically have to be close to the outside perimeter.

Lately (the past 2 weeks) I can't make a call/send text at all.  If I do miraculously get connected, it drops after 15-20 seconds.  My signal strength reads 3 bars on Edge most times, and when a call connects, it drops to 1-2 bars, with no Edge or 3G icon at all. 

I've found this is not only at my home, but anywhere there are trees or where we've found weak signal before.

After researching online and talking to 2 local AT&T stores, some are saying it is the internal antenna in the phone and there is no way to boost it.  This combined with my "medium" coverage area are my problem.  When I go to the local AT&T stores, there's no way for them to help as the phone works great at their location.  They gave me the number for insurance/warranty and I plan to call them as soon as I have a phone that works at my disposal.

I mostly work from home, and phone calls are very important.  On notably bad connection days, I have to drive 15 minutes to the nearest town and work from my car, or set up at a coffee shop or restaurant. 

Any input or thoughts are appreciated.

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Re: Dropped calls result of weak phone antenna?

I think this is kind of ironic to me. I (sort of) have the same issues. Since getting my Captivate, (really like the phone, by the way) I have noticed an increased amount of dropped calls and especially text message failures in areas my previous phones (LG Neon and Samsung Mythic) had little to no trouble getting them through. Whenever I place a call, I honestly worry about it dropping as it has become sort of frequent for someone who very RARELY uses their phone for voice calls. I don't know what could be causing this or the text messages failing to send, but it indeed is very annoying and often frustrating. Each time this happens, I wonder what it would be like if I had a different carrier...


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