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Dropped calls along with poor call quality


Dropped calls along with poor call quality

I have had this MicroCell tower for as long as I have had my phone, almost 4 months now. I never had a problem with call quality or dropping calls while connected to MicroCell until I had to call tech support for my phone and they did some push thru's of what I don't know. Then I started getting horrible garbled feedback (echo) while I was talking to someone else and they would have me on speakerphone on their phone. Tried adjusting call volumes on both phones and all suggested fixes. It happens to everyone I call, land lines, cell phones, different cell carriers, different states. Then I started dropping calls while connected to MicroCell and not even 3 feet away. I have moved the thing all around my house and it is in the best place for it. I drop the calls even when I have 5 bars. Tech support issued me a new phone at no charge due to still under warranty and I was hoping that would fix it... NOPE!! Someone anyone please help. This is starting to ruin my marriage due to my husband is getting very frustrated with the dropped calls.


Also, it is only with my phone. Anyone else on the MicroCell has no problem...


Phone info: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

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