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Draconian Infantile Data Plan

Draconian Infantile Data Plan

Well AT&T you've officially ended up on my {word filter evasion}


I can't believe how infantile this company has become with their data plans. I have a laptop connect 5G plan and I was quite aware that I would go over the 5GB, since I'm running a business over this connection. I live in a rural area that isn't serviced by DSL or Cable, and satellite is NOT an option due to latency issue. I understood the $10 per 1GB with going over the 5GB limit ok. But the one thing I find extremely unacceptable is having my service suspended as soon as I hit the 5GB cap and then having to call and wait on the phone to have the suspension taken off, only to have it suspended again as soon as I then hit 6GB, then I have to call again and have the suspension taken off and then have it suspended again after I hit 7GB, so on and so forth. 


Can't you just have the customer sign a {word filter evasion} waiver that disables the suspension of service each and every time I go over 5GB and every 1GB I go over that cap?? 


Seriously!!! I am now going back with Sprint because I had an unlimited data plan with their Sprint Mobile Broadband and actually went back today after only canceling the service a little over 2 weeks ago, thinking that AT&T wireless was going to be great... WRONG!!!


AT&T needs to have a unlimited data plan for CONNECT devices for those of us that use the connection for business.


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Re: Draconian Infantile Data Plan

Have to admit, it's pretty funny that I see you complaining about suspension of service after reaching the cap...


Before, people complained about no suspension, and automatic overlimit charges.

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Re: Draconian Infantile Data Plan

the purpose of those devices isn't to replace home internet. I understand you don't have access to that at your location but that's just how it is. 

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Re: Draconian Infantile Data Plan

{Please keep it courteous}


according to AT&T with their `Your World Delivered' ad slogan, that's exactly how the device is suppose to be used. If you need a broadband connection to do business, AT&T delivers, whether it's hardline or wireless.


furthermore it's a Dataconnect card and it's plugged directly into a Cradlepoint 3G router, which is meant to be left plugged in and used as a regular internet connection. I don't think I'm the only person that does this. I would say several thousand customers do the same thing with their AT&T data plans, along with the hundreds of thousands that do it with all the other wireless carriers combined.


Again it's a Dataconnect card, not a smartphone. I can understand if AT&T wanted to put 5G caps on a smartphone because it's a PHONE!! It's not meant to transfer large streams of data. Just to check your email, send a photo or do simple web searches. A USB Dataconnect card is NOT a phone and is going to be used to give you a BROADBAND connection to the internet.


I've hit the 5GB in less than 2 weeks because I needed to watch several streaming videos and or send several documents that were 20+ MB in size. I use the internet like it's suppose to be used. For research, information, and occasionally entertainment. If a 3G connection is the only way I can get it, then that's just how I have to connect.


I've now gone back to Sprint Mobile Broadband. They re-enabled my unlimited data plan. I have in the past gone past 10+GB in a month and never had Sprint flag my account for usage.


AT&T is bigger, has more towers, and certainly seems to have a effin load of cash laying around ($29 Billion) to buyout T-Mobile, but they don't seem to give a rip abou their customers needs.


Why not have tiered data plans that give different caps for those who are willing to pay more??


$60 - 5G

$75 - 10G

$85 - 15G


so on and so forth... Why suspend people's service and then expect them not to use the internet anymore until their next billing cycle?? Are the people in the Wireless Data group of AT&T really that stupid???


[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. What's next?? Power utility companies start capping your electrical usage because you went over 1000 kWh, so they turn your electricity off and ask you to not use anymore until the next billing cycle??? Then it's water.. opps you used over your weekly cap, we have to turn your water off...


{Please keep it courteous}

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