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Double charged, but no additions to my account


Double charged, but no additions to my account

I recently tried to buy a 200 message feature package, but when I checked out it said my transaction was denied by my bank. However, when I went to, it said I had been charged and the money was taken out. But no texts on my account. So I tried again and the same thing happened. This is very annoying since gophone has basically no customer support, and I want my money and texts. So does anyone know how to get refunded in my situation?

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Re: Double charged, but no additions to my account

I had the same problem. I charged my $50 rate plan to my debit card, it went through and gave me a new expiration date and everything. The next day, after I have been using my phone I get a text saying that my bank had insufficient funds and I needed to call 611 before I could use my phone again.  I went through all of the prompts and what have you and got nowhere.  Then I checked the history on my debit card and the payment had gone through and a phone number to call!! I called and was connected to a real person who just needed to reset my account and it was fixed!! For all prepaid issues or to add money you can call 866-608-3007 or 866-695-2750.  Hope this helps.

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Re: Double charged, but no additions to my account

Thanks for sharing your fix! The go-phone automated system leaves much to be desired - (in regards to service improvements). Locating the right live person number required some searching. AT&T / Gophone (web page) / account maintenace provides some information. Thanks again!
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