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Does this app exist?


Does this app exist?

I'm not sure if the is the right place for an app question (is there a more appropriate place?) but I am looking for an iPhone 4S app that allows you to follow select NBA players to see how they are doing as the season goes along.  I am trying to keep an eye on former Florida Gators in the NBA (other sports would be nice to).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance... Bob

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Re: Does this app exist?

Have you thought about a Fantasy Football app?


I know the MyESPN section of the ESPN website allows you to track individual athletes, but I'm not sure how well that translates to the Mobile ESPN web site.



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Re: Does this app exist?

That's a very good idea (do they actually give status or just fantasy points).  One thing that will make it a little tougher though is that we are talking basketball and not football but I'll see if it is doable.


Thanks again... Bob

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Re: Does this app exist?

The pickings do appear a bit slimmer for Fantasy Basketball apps, but I know ESPN has one. 


As an alternate suggestion, you may want to look into an RSS aggregator (Really Simple Syndication). You can pick and choose your feeds, although I don't know if the NBA publishes individual player's stats as RSS feeds. 

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Re: Does this app exist?

I looked into the fantasy angle.  There are a few problems.  Must (if not all) of the fantasy leagues are closed for membership as the season is actually more than half over.  In a fantasy league it would defeat the whole purpose if you could just take all the players you wanted without giving other teams a chance in a draft.  I know a service like this is available it's just a matter of locating it.  I sent ESPN an email asking if they could do it or a recommend someone else if not.



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