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Does not Connect to Microcell any longer and Phone can not stop trying to connect


Does not Connect to Microcell any longer and Phone can not stop trying to connect

I purchased a Microcell for $199+ tax last year in hopes that it would improve my service in my apartment in San Francisco.  It did improve things slightly, but I still experienced dropped calls when moving around in my tiny apartment.  So, I still had spotty service at home even after setting up the Microcell.


However, a few weeks ago I received a text on my phone letting me know that I had successfully set up my Microcell.  This is odd since I already have had it set up and have been using it for several months now.  I assumed it must be an update although I was not informed of this.  Still I assumed that this must be an update which would generally mean an improvement.


Through scouring the internet I see that others have experienced an update as well.  However, things did not get better for me.  They got worse.  The one of many problems I have been having is that my phone now no longer connects to my Microcell since the 'update'.  I have tried rebooting the Microcell, removing and replacing my Sim Card, rebooting my phone, etc...  All to no avail.


At the same time this is going on I also notiched that my mobile phone's battery has been draining more than usual.  In fact it is draining so much I went from having to charge only at night to charging halfway through the day and also at night. It's draining twice as fast!


I realized that my phone, since the 'update,' now tries to constantly connect to my Microcell although it is unable to.  It will not stop trying to connect until it is moved a significant amount away from the Microcell.  I see that this is a drain on my battery.  There must have been some update to the sim card as well telling my phone to do this.


I disconnect the power to my Microcell in hopes that this will resolve things since my phone will no longer connect anyway since the 'update'.


However, even though this is draining my battery it does not seem possible to be the sole culprit as I am away from my Microcell most of the day as I work away from home.  I was perplexed for quite some time.


After much time trying to figure out what is going on, I discovered that my phone is also trying to connect to my Microcell no matter where I am (i.e.- miles away from my powered off Microcell) when the phone loses a signal.  FYI - Losing a signal in San Francisco is actually quite frequent and every time this happens my phone attempts to connect to the Microcell, obviously to no avail, and all the while draining more battery power.


What's worse is that my phone sometimes locks onto a Microcell signal, although it obviously can not connect, but it will stay locked until, I believe, I move out of range.  So, I am thinking that my phone is also trying to lock onto any random Microcell in range.  My phone will say that it is on a Microcell network but it obviously can not connect since it's not my Microcell - sadly I have already stated my phone will not connect to my own Microcell anyway. 


My phone is now perpetually trying to connect to a Microcell and while it is doing this I am not receiving service. This is also the number one suspect in the increased draining of my battery power. 


I can not believe after what I pay monthly that after paying extra for supposedly improving spotty service I have actually made my service and situation worse.  I can only hope that maybe disconnecting my Microcell via the online settings menu that it will update my sim card and let it know not to keep trying to connect to the Microcell and thereby draining my battery power.  I am not holding my breath though.


Anyone, have a similar issue so I don't feel like I am going crazy?

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Re: Does not Connect to Microcell any longer and Phone can not stop trying to connect

You are not alone.

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Re: Does not Connect to Microcell any longer and Phone can not stop trying to connect

The aliens are using our signals against us. I have found a "hidden code" within the signal and it's counting down...


Oh yeah, one more thing, these microcells are a piece of junk...  Too bad, they're giving Cisco a bad rap...

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Re: Does not Connect to Microcell any longer and Phone can not stop trying to connect

This is really odd. The MicroCell should not have any affect on your phone at all other than providing a signal it can supposedly lock onto. If your phone is trying to connect to any MicroCell that is within range, I'd suspect your phone. I've gone thru a couple of upgrades since the disastrous one back in March and all has been fine. I do agree with most tho that the MicroCell is a piece of ......... If you can get one that works with your setup and service area, it works as advertised. But it seems that those of us in that category are a minority. AT&T had a chance to do something really good, but........


MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

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Re: Does not Connect to Microcell any longer and Phone can not stop trying to connect

I just got mine (12th).  I have tried everything to get it to work, but to no avail.  I have tried all 3 connection methods, have given the microcell unrestricted outbound access, opened all sorts of inbound ports (which shouldn't be required because it creates an outbound tunnel).  I even removed my network from the cable modem and put just the microcell on the cable modem, unplugged waited 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 10 minutes, unplugged cable modem and MC, then plugged them back in one at a time, and countless other scenarios...  Piece of crap won't work and the community support is rather non-existant as <5% can get theirs to work so they cannot make recommendations or provide guidance.  To top it off, AT&T tech support is apparently not educated past k-12, can't expect too much there either.


I did notice a couple of things though...  the microcell tries to conect to two IP addresses and on port 443.  However when I try to ping, telnet. or "openssl s_client" to these systems, the detination is unreachable, or non responsive.  I find that very interesting.  I got it for free, I guess you get what you pay for, or is it don't get what you don't pay for...  well... anyways...

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