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Does NOKIA 6600 Require Data Plan ?


Does NOKIA 6600 Require Data Plan ?


        If i use NOKIA 6600 am i going to be charged for DATA PLAN.  I am just worried because AT&T identifies  the SMART PHONES and APPLY the DATA PLAN automatically.  


I am using Nokia 1100 currently which doesnot require data plan. My Nokia 1100 is almost dead and i am not able to operate properly.  I need a phone immediately.  I have few NOKIA Models In my brain but not sure which one to go for as i am worried about this DATA PLAN.


Nokia 6600 Model --


Any suugestions and replies are highly appreciated


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Re: Does NOKIA 6600 Require Data Plan ?

Nope! The Nokia 6600 looks to be a feature phone and so a data plan won't be required. Smiley Wink

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Re: Does NOKIA 6600 Require Data Plan ?

But when i tried to google it. it Says it is smartphone. So i am wooried if i go for NOKIA 6600 AM I going to be charged for DATA PLAN

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Re: Does NOKIA 6600 Require Data Plan ?

It is not identified as a smartphone by at&t, so you likely would not see a data plan forcibly added due to your using a Nokia 6600.  (I use an E-7 and have had no issues with at&t adding a smartphone data plan.)


That said, this phone lacks the 850 mhz frequency that is also used by at&t (in addition to their use of the 1900 mhz); so you may experience coverage issues with it. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend purchasing it, as it sounds like you would be doing.  If you just have one on hand and want to give it a try, that's a different story. Smiley Happy

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