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Does Att still offer Legacy Discounts

Does Att still offer Legacy Discounts


Ive started looking into upgrading and thought I would check into the legacy discount. ive gotten it on my last 3 phones but know that the last time it was very difficult to get it.


any info would be great thanks.

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Re: Does Att still offer Legacy Discounts

Are you talking about Upgrade Advantage? I'm pretty sure they killed that particular discount this year....

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Re: Does Att still offer Legacy Discounts

It was a discount for being a long standing customer and paying a bill of 100$ or more before taxes. You would get 100$ off phone upgrades.

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Re: Does Att still offer Legacy Discounts

Well, they had a discount called Upgrade Advantage that gave you an extra discount for having a bill over $100, and the amount of the discount depended on whether it'd been one or two years since your last upgrade. I don't remember a stipulation amount the length of time you'd been a customer.... (Here's a description sheet: ... and a forum post from 2009 )


They killed that program. (Cutely, they changed the 'Upgrade Advantage' page on their website to describe the program as a contract-price phone every two years... removing all mentions of the extra discounts.)  If there was a similar "long-standing" customer discount program, I'd be willing to bet it was killed, too. They sound very much alike.


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