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Does AT&T have a voicemail storage system?


Does AT&T have a voicemail storage system?

I was wondering if AT&T has a voicemail storage system that stores all incoming/outgoing voicemails for at least a period of time? I know that once we end our call while checking our voicemail, it's impossible to retrieve the deleted voicemails that were just erased. But does AT&T have a server system like email servers? For email servers, once you send something, say through yahoo mail, that message goes through the yahoo server to another email server before the recipient can receive your message. Does AT&T have something like that?


I'm wondering because a message that I thought was unimportant and ended up deleting may serve as a very important evidence... :/ 


So I was just wondering if I needed it later on, would AT&T be able to retrieve it  for me? 



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