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Divorcing and Family Plan/Roll Over Minutes


Divorcing and Family Plan/Roll Over Minutes

We've been with AT&T for at least 10 years.  We're divorcing and I would like to get my own plan, using my same phone and phone number.  We have a ton of unused rollover minutes.  Does anyone know how that would work and if we could split the rollover minutes???  Thank you.

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Re: Divorcing and Family Plan/Roll Over Minutes

First off, Who is the primary account holder,ie. in whose name is the account set up in.

If you are not the primary account holder, you will have to do a transfer of billing responsibility into your name for your line of the account with your number. This will require the main account holder to allow you to accept responsibility.

Then AT&T will run a credit check on you to determine if any security deposit is required.

If all these thing's work out, you would then have your own separate account

As to the rollover minutes, they would remain with the original account holder. You would not get any of them.



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