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Discount problems


Discount problems

I work at wal~mart which qualifies you for a 20% discount on your monthly bill and I applied and was approved for it last march. I even have the email that is dated that shows that I was approved and after several months it still had not shown up that I went to a corporate store and they looked up my account and it still said that I had never applied for it. I didn't have what I needed to apply for it then at the store but later when I tried it at home it wouldn't let me since I had already applied. So a few months ago I printed off the original confirmation email and my paystub and took it to a corporate store and they put it on there and I finally got the discount this month but I believe that I should be entitled to all the months that I missed seeing as how I was approved for it over a year ago.

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Re: Discount problems

unfortunately its against policy to credit accounts when the FAN discount wasn't applied. business care maybe but not your regular customer service.
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Re: Discount problems

I currently have the exact same problem!


AT&T told me I have to send 2 of the 3 things: pay stub, business card, and badge. I elected to submit by business card and badge since pay stub has a lot of sensitive information.


I faxed these things in accompanied with my wireless card maybe a dozen times, and also emailed with a jpeg attachment a million and one times. Each time I call and confirm and they claimed never receiving either fax nor emails.


I've tested with another fax machine and recieved it with no problem.


I know AT&T is giving me the run around. I've been working at this for over 8 months, due over $150 in discounts.


Someone help me... 

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