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Discontinue the backflip

Discontinue the backflip

every backflip owner i have met, do not carry their backflip with them, instead they have a phone given to them by a friend, a pay as you go phone, a phone bought online (ebay, amazon,) or a different carriers phone after canceling their contract due to the backflip being a Lemon phone and AT&T/Motorola only offering more of the same phone (which is more or less, not a smart phone, but a phone that will stop working every 1-3 months and needs replacing.)

i now need a fourth backflip, but, i do not want a fourth one, i want a phone that is reliable, and that will do the things i am paying for it to do.

my first backflip.

got to the point where it froze so much it was unusable and constantly turned its self off, while i was at a friends house, i got lucky it broke there.

my second backflip.

decided to do the same thing as the first. WHILE I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE, WITH A BROKEN DOWN CAR, NO ONE TO HELP, AND A SMOKING ENGINE! it took 2 hours for someone to drive by and let me use their phone to call a tow company. 

my third backflip decided to do the same as the first two no where in perticular, but it did it a month after i had gotten it. so i threw it in my closet and bought a pay as you go phone.

at&t and motorola refuse to co-operate with my needs. i payed for this phone to use its apps, and be able to use the internet, to be able to text and recieve calls. i can not do any of that.

at&t warranty department offered to send me a fourth backflip today... and "suggested" i do not download apps or surf the net.

so i am supposed not do the two things i payed for + am paying $30 more a month to continue to do.

sorry but this is unaccaptable, in 5 hours i am heading to a different carrier to talk about cellphone plans and prices. if at&t dont resolve my issue (i am demanding a different phone to the backflip, i am done with asking.) i will be cancelling my contract tomorrow.

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Re: Discontinue the backflip

Try talking to a superviser.  I have heard of peple that have successfully gotten a different phone after 3 or 4 phones of the same model have had problems.

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Re: Discontinue the backflip

they have agreed to an 'emergancy upgrade.' or something along those lines to go into effect on friday when the bill is paid. After i told them i had seeked legal advice and have been told i can void my contract without being made to pay the ETF under these guidelines


"When you signed your contract AT&T promised to provide reasonable phone service, and you promised to pay a pre-arranged sum for that service. If AT&T is unable to provide reasonable service then you have grounds to have your contract voided and the ETF waived."


i would much rather of gotten a different phone without extending my contracts for two years, but, oh well, its better than having no phone at all (which i more or less do untill i get my upgrade on friday.)


although, i think another reason for it is i got the right people on the phone. the two women (one in warrenty, and one in customer service. couldn't of been any more helpfull.


***the upgrade will not allow me to get an IPhone, but im fine with that, i had an IP3 before the backflip anyway.


also, i had tried telliing them what you suggested all week, but they said the couldn't do that.

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