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Disappointed in AT&T Texting Charges & Notifications


Disappointed in AT&T Texting Charges & Notifications

I just received my email with my monthly AT&T phone service charges.  I have been a customer for more than a decade and maintain three account services.  I haven't been much of a texting user until just recently when my dad was diagnosed with cancer & now is with hospice in his final days.  I received a text from AT&T recently saying that my text usage had exceeded $20 in charges.  How nice I thought that AT&T was warning me that I was accumulating charges.  I immediately went and added the unlimited text charge to my account for another $20 in fixed charges per month.  I have found texting a better way to communicate when young ears shouldn't hear the emotional details of what is going on and have found that in hospitals, texting gets through when often other communication cannot. 


Imagine my surprise today when I received a bill about $150 in excess of my normal monthly charge.  No where close to the $20 warning. 


I am looking for a significant change to my phone services when I get some time including porting over my landlines and wireless & satellite TV.  I was simply going to head to the AT&T office to have you manage those changes.  However, I believe that instead, I will now head to other providers to assist with these changes.  And speaking of time, if you do not want to provide a direct email address for customers to contact you, you really should remove the "email us" button from your site.  I spent a long time looking for a way to contact you via email & finally by using a Google search learned that others have this same frustration as they could not find an address to email either.

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Re: Disappointed in AT&T Texting Charges & Notifications

You can still call customer support and request a rerate. Where they pretend you had unlimited texting all along and refund most of the overages. Seems the unlimited texting was not backdated and a rerate can easily fix that. If you leave att or not is up to you, but at least request the rerate to lower your bill if you haven't tried already.
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Re: Disappointed in AT&T Texting Charges & Notifications

No need to overreact... Give them a call at 1-800-331-0500, I'm sure you can get a credit just fine.

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Re: Disappointed in AT&T Texting Charges & Notifications

I'm very sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he is comfortable. 


The texting overage is understandable and I definitely echo the other folks who've replied in saying that you should give us a call so we can review your account. In some cases, exceptions can be made. I cannot make any promises though. 


If you'd rather someone call you, please send me a private message with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you.

To send a private message, you can either click on the link in this message or click on the little blue envelope in the upper right hand corner, click "compose new message" and type my username in the "Send To" field.


As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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