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Disappearing APPS


Disappearing APPS

Here's my problem I bought my Atrix 2 Oct.17 at the ATT store near me. They set it up using a new PNY 8 GB SD card . My problem started a few days later I reinstalled a lot of the Apps I used on my older HTC ARIA (they all worked with no problems), After a day or two some of the apps disappeared . By disappearing I mean they still showed on the home screen but when I touched them to start  I will get the message "APPs not installed on your phone". When I go to the app page they are gone,I have to reinstall them. I thought maybe it was just a one time thing but I have lost 10 apps this way (GOGGLES,Dropbox,Astro File Man. ZumoCast,Verizon Media Manager ECT.) I tried reinserting SD card,Sim card, and battery no difference. So i went back To tha ATT store they were no help. Does anyone else have this problem ,am I doing something wrong or is the phone defective, I still have 2 weeks to return the phone so any one know whats happening.

I also have a problem with loading Live wallpaper to the phone and later somhow it turns up on the SD card

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Re: Disappearing APPS

Why haven't ATT moderators tried to give an answer to this post

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Re: Disappearing APPS

Did you by any chance move the apps to the SD card? Some will not successfully move. In other cases they can appear to be missing becuase moving an app to the SD card does not update its shortcut on the Home Screens.

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