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Disabling FamilyMap?


Disabling FamilyMap?

Hey, I'm 23 and living on my own in the city, but I'm still on the family plan--along with my parents, my grown sister, and my cousins--because it's cheaper and easier for all of us to split the cost. But it would be nice to be able to stay over at my boyfriend's place, undetected by FamilyMap, without getting angry phone calls and text messages from my very conservative Asian mother calling me a promiscuous

{Expletive-please keep it courteous}, etc, etc. I mean, obviously there's a lack of trust and respect in our family and I can't expect technology to make up for a lack of respect, but I do wish the FamilyMap function allowed the person being tracked to consent to the tracking.


But my real question is: is there any way to disable it besides turning off the phone completely or using airplane mode? I hear that turning off location services doesn't disable FamilyMap entirely, it just makes it less accurate. I guess I can leave the family plan entirely but I would consider that a last resort.

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Re: Disabling FamilyMap?

LOL - I'm a father and the inability for my 16 yr old daughter to turn off family map is exactly why I have this service!!!! You're 23 years old - get your own phone and plan
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