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Disable Internet on LG Encore


Disable Internet on LG Encore

I have an LG Encore and I'm trying to figure out how to disable the Internet on this phone. I don't have a data plan for this phone and I want to make sure I don't connect to the Internet if I accidentally click on the browser or any other apps that use the Internet. I'm not able to delete or modify the Media Net account on the phone, but maybe someone knows a different way around this issue.

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Re: Disable Internet on LG Encore

I do not have the data plan either or texting plan.  I did not want to be billed for someone send me a text or (just like you) hit the browers button by accident and get charged.  What I did was call AT&T customer service and explain that I wanted them to shut off (block) these services and they did it while I was on the phone with them. 

Very simple and quick.

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Re: Disable Internet on LG Encore

Right. You can speak with Customer Service (800-331-0500) and simply ask the rep to put a block for the Internet/MEdia Net on your Encore. It should be fairly quick, and best of all, it's free.


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Re: Disable Internet on LG Encore

interesting, will this work with the LG Neon 2 as well? When I called they were able to block purchase for games etc. and turn internet filter on. However, if they block the internet/Medianet it will also block sending messages with media content I was told. My daughter accidently pushes the browser button (the main button on the phone pressed all the way down) and it connects to MediaNet and leads to a $2 charge/per month (even if you cancel the browser before it gets to the internet, quite annoying).


any coments/help appreciated. For now I will keep calling them to remove the charges.

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Re: Disable Internet on LG Encore

Yes, you can also block the Internet/MEdia Net on the Neon II. However, you're right, you will no longer be able to send MMS messages. If that is a problem, then I would suggest to keep on doing what you are doing - calling to remove the accidental charges.

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Re: Disable Internet on LG Encore

Similarly, I'm sort of ticked off that the menu on this phone is PACKED with all kinds of paid apps that are pre-installed and cannot be removed. I don't want most/any of them, and worry about accidentally hitting one and getting a charge on my bill.


Liked others mentioned above, I found that one can add "Purchase Blocker" to their account by calling AT&T. This theoretically prevents things from being billed onto one's account, like ringtones, online subscriptions, downloads, etc.


As for internet prevention, sounds like the recommendations above should do the trick, although I haven't tried it myself.


Something else you could try is in the settings on the phone. There are a few layers of internet browsing settings like Access Point, Profile, and maybe something else. Perhaps you can change the access point, or create a new profile with phony connection settings. This may prevent the browser from going anywhere.



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Re: Disable Internet on LG Encore

internet settings. yes, there is a setting you can add a bogus profile. however the only option for that to connect is through MediaNet access point. You cannot add any access points other than MediaNet. That itself cannot be changed either. I tried to make this bogus profile as default but it doesn't seem to work. As stated above the only possible access point is MediaNet anyway and eventually the phone will connect to that.  They cleverly blocked all possible methods to bypass MediaNet. If you carefully look at this it starts to smell like fish. From reading all posts on (at least) Neon phones, it was possible to enter a bogus connection on the older phones, not on the new ones.

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